US Tech In-house: 290-0951
In-house: 290-3757

In-house ext: 7847, pager: 858-347-1428, cell: 858-229-9487

Monday-Friday (7:00 AM - 11:59 PM): scheduled in-house coverage

Monday-Friday (12:00 AM - 6:59 AM) & Saturday-Sunday (12:00AM-11:59PM) : see schedules above

X-Ray Tech
  • Floor: 290-3997
  • Lead Tech cell to call/text to complete CR/RF studies: 858-864-6135
CT Tech On-Call: 290-2679
CT Tech 1: 290-3594

Mon (00:00) - Fri (23:59) scheduled in-house CT coverage

Sat & Sun (00:00-00:00) scheduled in-house CT coverage

CT control x1189 (direct 858-642-1189)

In-house CT cell 858-201-1445

Diagnostic XR tech cell 858-518-6606 (CT tech should be at front desk unless doing patient care)

CT and Angio call techs have call contact posted on the monthly call schedules (on iShare). The angio call tech is back up for CT if CT call tech is unavailable

MR Tech

MRI TECH PAGER: 290-1864

Beginning 8/3/20 - MRI will add overnight (3rd) shifts at Hillcrest on Mondays/Thursdays/Fridays as long as staffing allows. Thornton has overnight shifts 7 days a week – but the team may move to HC on Sat/Sun/Tues/Wed if patient volume dictates this move. If staffing issues arise on Mon/Thur/Fri and we are back to one MRI team (with a call-tech) it will be noted in RadRes.

There is always an MRI tech on-call to cover whichever inpatient scanner is necessary for STAT/emergent MRI scans. The tech on-call can be found in the paging system by searching ‘Radiology’, or by calling the page operator. Call hours are 22:30 – 7am.

Hillcrest Third Shifts – Monday/Thursday/Friday

Thornton Third Shifts – Monday – Sunday

***Please do not add-on or promise any service that their STAT/emergent patient will be scanned “first patient in the morning”. The inpatient templates are set for outpatients in the mornings. This is due to shift changes taking place with nursing staff throughout both hospitals at 7am, and also allows MRI staff to screen, triage and plan with incoming nursing staff the 1st available time slot for their patients.

  • No fellow coverage; resident responsible for MRI protocols

See schedules above for on-call MRI Tech contact info

In-house M-F until 10-10:30PM (weekends are variable)

VA policy to come in overnight only for indications where MRI will change immediate management: r/o cauda equina/cord compression, spinal epidural abscess, etc.

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